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VOTE YES!! In November to update our Maltby Fields/Park


In November for the East County Parks Bond Measure to vastly improve our Maltby Park.



Maltby Park Improvements: Planning, design and construction to:

Replace field grass with all-weather turf on north fields and updating all fields for multi-sport use.

Replacing the grass and irrigation system on the south field.

Additional drainage upgrades to support turf improvements.

Replacing 20 year-old bathrooms to increase sanitation and water conservation.

Replacing the walking path and installing lighting for increased visibility.

Replacing parking lot surface and improving drainage swale.

In conjunction with path completion, reclaim wetlands adjacent to park.

Replace picnic shelter and upgrade sport court surface


Thank you for your continued support.


Kurt Roy, Maltby Pony President


Link for more information:

by posted 10/16/2019
Maltby Pony Baseball has lost one of our own

It is with great sorrow we share the news that Maltby Pony Baseball has lost one of our own.  Craig Van Devender passed away on August 22nd, 2019.

Craig had a passion for the game of baseball and understood it better then most.  Craig understood and believed in the importance of not only teaching the skill of the game and sportsmanship but also helping craft our youth into young adults.

Craig was very active with Maltby Pony Baseball for many years coaching teams from Pinto division through Colt division.  Craig was also an instrumental part of the board who wore many hats over the years as the Mustang Director, Bronco Director, Pony Director, Field Director, & Vice President.  Craig worked tirelessly on the organization of the league and the fields helping shape them to what they are now. 

One of the things I admired most about Craig was he went quietly about ensuring everything was taken care of and we were ready for the teams to take the field and play ball.  I recall multiple occasions driving past the park and seeing one lone person (in all weather conditions) out working the fields… it was Craig.

Maltby Pony Baseball lost a great one, but I know baseball now will be better in heaven!


Mike Slobojan

Vice President

Maltby Pony Baseball

by posted 09/23/2019
What Division would I play in?
PONY BASEBALL AGE DETERMINATION DATE is AUGUST 31st.  Pony league age key can be found here.
Maltby Pony Baseball is divided into 5 age groups (Sept 1st birthday cutoff) that are as follows: 

Note:  If you think that your child is ready to play up a division please register for the division that they fall into and contact the Division Director of the division you would like to have your child play in.  The Director will follow up with you and discuss scheduling a tryout.


Shetland: (AGES 4, 5, & 6 (before Sept 1))... Teaching the basics, the Shetland division is the first baseball experience for most of its participants. Fundamentals and rules of the game are taught and players are encouraged to have fun. Bases are 50' and the ball is hit from coach-pitch or a tee. Practice will begin in March and teams will play an 8-10 game schedule ending in early June.


Pinto: (AGES 7-8 (before Sept 1))... Expanding on the basics, Pinto continues to work with the young ones on fundamentals and rules of the game. Games are played on 60' base paths and 40' pitching mound.  We play approximately the first half of the season as coach-pitch and then transition to player-pitch for the last half of the season. Practice will begin in early March and teams will play a 12-15 game schedule ending in mid June.  Limited local inter-league play.  All-star season for 8U continues through July.


Mustang:  (AGES 9-10 (before Sept 1))... The play is competitive and begins the players' training in the complete game of baseball.  Includes most rules of play including pitching and catching, along with base stealing and dropped strike three rule.  Games are played on a 60' base paths with a 46' pitching mound.  Practice will begin in early March and teams will play about a 20 game schedule with an end of the season tournament in early June.  Limited local inter-league play.  All-star season for 9U/10U continues through July.


Bronco:  (AGES 11-12 (before Sept 1))... Regulation baseball rules on a 70' base paths field with a 50' pitching mound. The scaled fields of the Pony system allow the kids to develop skills without being over-matched by the field. All baseball rules apply to this league and the athletic skills of the young players really start to show.  Practice will begin in early March and teams will play about a 25 game schedule with an end of the season tournament in early June.  Limited local inter-league play.  All-star season for 11U/12U continues through July.


Pony:  (AGES 13-14)... The original PONY program, providing play for youngsters on a field with a 54' mound and an 80' base path. The players are presented with increased exposure to the finer points of the game.  MPB divides this level into Olympic (select) and Cascade (recreational) divisions.

Olympic division teams join the league as already assembled TEAMS.

Cascade division teams are selected just like our lower division teams (Bronco, Mustang, and Pinto); players register/sign-up as individuals via the registration link on this website, attend tryouts, and are assigned by the coaches to team(s).  Fees are paid at the time of registration to Maltby Pony Baseball via the website. 

Both Cascade and Olympic teams play inter-league schedules, which will require some travel to neighboring leagues for games.  Practice will begin in winter and teams will play a 30-35 game schedule ending in mid-June.



by posted 11/03/2013
Field Status
Grass 1 - Maltby OPEN (10/23) 
Grass 2 - Maltby OPEN (10/23) 
Grass 3 - Maltby OPEN (10/23) 
Maltby North - Maltby OPEN (10/23) 
Maltby South - Maltby OPEN (10/23) 
Maltby West - Maltby OPEN (10/23) 

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